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Re: Christmas 2011

I had originally meant to post an open log for Christmas--giving people a chance to jump in and share the day with Misono at various points--nothing LONG for each interaction, just a quick gift exchange (if they are exchanging gifts) and Misono's undying love.

Does anybody want to do this? Or would you rather just comment on this post with a quick 'Our Evil Overlords Tokio met Misono for coffee on Christmas and blew up New Jersey' sort of thing?


I have been a bit absent lately. I will be around a good chunk of Wednesday and most of Thursday. Sorry, everybody! I know you've been waiting on me!

(Relationships and uniforms have been updated. November is 'leather month'.)


Misono's uniforms for 2011, July onward.

Misono dresses like a slut for fun and profit.Collapse )

Misono!Reboot Relationships and Plotting

Misono does have some relationships going into the new game!

Relationships current as of 1 November 2011

sunny_yesung: Her family. Her moon and sun and stars and sky. Her whole world. He's cranky and she loves him. He doesn't want to eat 'baby slime' and she feeds it to him anyway and he lets her. She's pretty much his creeper.

faysounds: An old and beloved friend she met coming over to America. She lost him at Ellis Island but now that she's found him again she will never let him go. They're forever connected.

osakasfinest: He is the mischief to her managed. (I ♥ you!) He is the wonder to her twin. They've had some adventures with condom licking and pajamas. (Minus the Aiba-ness, in the reboot!universe) And he is one of the more exciting loves of her life. In a platonic sense! Perverts.

lol_dancess: Meisa is her 'sister', her student (in writing) and her teacher (next summer, they surf!). She loves Meisa and Meisa loves her, too.

meguru_hoshi: A new friend and teacher-of-all-animals, Misono has found a kindred spirit in this kitsune. An instant friend!

lavendella: A fellow pervert (sort of) and somebody to whom Misono can relate, he's also stepping into a bit of a older-brother role...she thinks he's entirely so cute because of that.

If you want to plot with Misono, please do. She's...well, she likes people.

Misono!Reboot Information

Character: Misono (as in, Koda Misono)
Journal: misono_soup
Band/Solo/Ethnicity: Solo artist/Japanese
Race: Zashiki-Warashi. (Also found here)
Occupation: Misono is the manager of the 'Erotic Emporium' Come Again, left in charge by an absentee owner. She dresses in the stuff that the store stocks--so if you can say 'slutty costumes' that's pretty much her 'work uniform'. Yes, she likes it. Current work schedule is TBD as well as any OTHER jobs she might have. She also occasionally sells blessings of good fortune. She's actually got a permit to do it—like busking on street corners.

Character History:

Physicality: Phsyically, Misono is indistinguishable from humans. (Mostly. And anybody able to sense magical beings will be able to tell that she's not human.) She's short, has dark hair that is currently long (she might get it cut short!). She's not fat but she's comfortable to hug and cuddle. She's got a round face and chubby cheeks and a big smile. At home she's apt to wear traditional kimono and yukata. She's also just as likely to wander around in her pajamas or her underpants. She also dresses like she's in Harajuku or in the CocoLulu catalog.

Personality: Given that zashiki-warashi are usually children, she is rather childish or, rather, child-like. She can be demanding when she wants attention and a bit of a brat at times. She is bright and bubbly and brash and opinionated. She speaks her mind—and often without thinking about how to put things politely. She can have trouble seeing past her own view of things—for example, paying rent. She's there causing good things to happens so why should she have to pay rent? It's not malicious, just a child-like way of understanding some things. The more emotionally charged a situation is or the more of a shock she's just got, the more likely her reaction is to be that of a joyful/terrified/outraged/confused little girl. It takes her a while to master herself and act like an adult again. If she can't, she will retreat into behavior that she knows worked with family or begin to follow her old lessons of How To Behave.

She is also sweet and affectionate to those she likes. She can be a very good listener and companion, capable of being gentle and quiet and a good caretaker. She tends to like the homey, domestic chores…when they need to be done. There are times when she might not notice the floor getting sticky or the fact that laundry hasn't been done for a month but if it's commented upon, she'll take care of it happily. Doing these chores also helps her to feel grounded and connected to the people around her.

Powers: Misono's powers are largely innate, rather than active.

The first thing to know is that she is not always physically manifested. Being incorporeal she has no form and no mass but can still manipulate physical objects. For example: If her roommate wants her gone for the day she might just de-manifest and hang around anyhow, while playing small pranks such as moving her coffee cup around the apartment. She still has to go around things, up stairs, and the like.

She attracts (minor to moderate) good luck and prosperity to the members of any household she is living in. Things have a way of 'working out' for them in a manner that seems almost coincidental. She also wards off trouble and danger in the same fashion. Leaving a home doesn't cause the household to fall into hard times—unless that's how it was when she moved in and providing that she is moving out of her own free will. If she's being kicked out or is leaving angry, bad things can happen. She cannot be forced into a household but she can be forced to leave. She cannot be without a household for too long a time. She needs a place to stay but much more importantly she needs a family to stay with.

Being a hearth-sprite, Misono does have some active powers but they mostly involve housework (as in, she can mop the floor while sitting on the couch watching soap operas) and keeping the soup from burning. Using them taxes her about as much as physically doing said chores. Saving food from disaster makes her hungry. She can also actively protect the people of her household from a distance…providing she knows that they're in trouble and need her help. This taxes her greatly and will cause her to be unable to manifest physically for some time.

She does need to be IN the room or the home to do the 'I have extra invisible bodies!' cleaning and cooking. These 'extras' do not have their own 'eyes'. They don't SEE things. Meaning if Misono is cleaning, walks into another room, and somebody enters while she is out then they have a good shot at getting hit with a cleaning rag. Her 'extras' work based on the picture in the back of Misono's mind.

Misono also has the ability to transfer some of her good fortune, luck, and protection to people who are not in her family or household. This is not innate the way bringing prosperity to her household is, this is something that she consciously needs to do and depending on the length of the luck and the strength of it, it makes her a little tired to VERY tired.

And while she's capable of avoiding physical attacks she can be physically hurt by anything that would hurt a normal human. If she sees an attack coming, she can dematerialize and it sometimes happens like flinching (nearby gunshots will do it). She has very few defenses against magic that is directed at her. General dark/evil magic and forces she can ward off by virtue of what she is. Focused, directed, specific magics are another matter. She can hold off but only for so long. This also holds for her magic around other people. She can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers--if the force directed at her, or at those she is with, is more than she can handle, she WILL fail.

Currently unknown is how her magic works on other magical beings--her whole life has been spent among humans. She recognizes magic and other magical beings but her household has always been (and most probably has to be) human. Her innate magic should (key word: should) work just fine. Her active magic...maybe not so much. And if this magical being is capable of shifting betweeen 'regular' human and oh, say, 'werewolf' she's got nothing. While her family is a wolf, she is pretty much human.

A note regarding her de-manifesting: Anything that Misono is holding or wearing will demanifest with her--providing it is not a LIVING thing. She can hold electronics and de-manifest with them and it won't kill them--though it will drain the battery if it is turned on. It's why she never wears a watch. She must be holding it at the time to affect it that way--otherwise things she picks up while not in her body will look like they're floating in the air.

History: Being zashiki-warashi, she has no family aside from any household she adopts into. Originally from Kyoto, Misono has lived all over Japan in different family homes. She's quite old though she's not really aware of just how old she is. This is because she never really paid attention to the passage of time, preferring to tell time by the rhythm of the household and by moving on from one household to another. As the world became more focused on time, she's become more aware of it. She is at least old enough to remember the destruction and 'mess' of the Onin War (1467-1477). Current guess is that she's under a thousand, probably between five and seven hundred years old. (Regarding the old game: No, she no longer has anything to do with the Heian era robes.)

She came to the United States—and New York in particular—after the first world war. Because it sounded like fun to her. She lived with one person, a man named Genuemon, who brought her over for...reasons I don't know. Maybe he just wanted to learn English to teach back at home? When he died she stayed and tended to live with Japanese who were living in the city or with descendants of Japanese immigrants.

A year or so ago she got 'evicted' from her family in a very messy scene that, because she was dressed in her whorish work-gear, made it look like she was a hooker getting thrown out. Yesung Kim, a Korean-American werewolf, picked her up with the intention of finding her a batter women's shelter to go to. Instead, he found himself with a new, crazy, dysfunctional little family on his hands. They have a cat, Kitty von Catcat.

She has history with several of the characters in game (this is the reboot edition but not everything has changed).

RP Sample: (You can see a lot of examples of who Misono is by checking the Misono tag in the comm or by going through the weekly timelines of the earlier game. THIS is a bit from her rebooted history.)

Misono swayed with the ship as it sailed, nibbling idly at the heel of a loaf of bread. She wasn't quite sure why she was looking for a picnic spot in the bowels of the ship, but somehow it just seemed like a good idea. She swung her basket of food as she meandered around. Maybe she'd find somebody to have lunch with while Genuemon listened to languages on the deck. She was learning English but she didn't care if she got good at it or not. She had a cute smile and she was zashiki-warashi--that would get her out of any tight places she managed to get herself into. And if it didn't, she could always write to the Emperor and beg him for help. She had status, so he probably would PLUS she was Misono so he surely, surely would.

Just like she'd surely find somebody down here to keep her company when she was lonely.

Though this time it wasn't that vauge, hopeful feeling that made her think so. This time, righ this second, she could FEEL somebody nearby. Somebody like her. Somebody who wasn't human. "Hey!" she called into the dim expanse of the hold. "I brought lunch--you want to have a picnic with me?" It was a mixture of Japanese and her limited English. Probably whoever it was would understand. Unless it was somebody who spoke like those French guys they'd picked up. Or the ones who spoke that other language. Whatever. Misono sounded cute and friendly and she had a basket of food. They'd get the idea.

A movement in the shadows drew her eyes. "Hello?"

"Hello," a gentle voice returned.

She could taste magic on the air, something that felt fizzy and pleasant. She knew what this was, she just couldn't place it. But it wasn't something she had to worry about. Somehow this guy gave off a nice feeling. She held up the basket. "Hello!" she said in English. "I'm Misono! You want to have lunch together?" The last bit was more of a mix of languages but she dangled the basket enticingly. Then she shoved it at the guy so that he'd hold it while she dug the blanket out. "I want to practice English! I can teach you Japanese if you practice with me!" she chirpped.

She wished she could see this guy but she had the feeling that it was as much his magic as the under-deck lights that kept her from having a clear view of him. "You don't have to worry, oniisan," she told him, pulling the blanket out and snapping it open. "I'm super nice! People love me a lot! I'm like you, you know. I totally won't tell about you if you don't want." Somehow, he just seemed the type. Just like he seemed maybe a little bit lonely if that one word was anything to go by.

Even if he wasn't, she was. "I'm lonely so we're gonna hang out together!"

Phone Contact Week 40 and Hiatus

If you want to backdate to Week 40 and leave Misono a message, please feel free. If you want to leave her a hiatus message, please do so as I won't count it as logging.

Just leave the date/time/method of contact and she'll get back to you.

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Weekly Phone Contact: 38/39

Well, I forgot her phone last week but I don't think it's an issue. :D At any rate, this is Misono's phone post for May 9th through May 22nd. Leave the date/time/method in the subject and she will pick a random method of communication by which to get back to you.

Current wallpaper:

Aniki at the festival!

Phone Contact: Week 37

This is Misono's phone post for week thirty-seven, May 2nd to May 8th. Yes, it is late. On the plus side, I don't think anybody actually needed to use it. But if you do? Date/Time/Method in the subject and Misono will natter at you ASAP. Or send you a picture of her cat. Something.

(I bought her journal time, I will use her journal.)


Phone Contact: Week 36

This is Misono's phone post for week thirty-six, April 25th through May 1st. She has nothing planned but the regular stuff so if you leave the date/time/method of contact, she'll get back to you as quickly as--and with the most excitement--possible.

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Phone Contact: Week 35

This is Misono's phone for week thirty-five, April 18th through April 24th. You probably know the drill--date/time/method in the subject line and she will ramble on and on and on whenever she gets back to you!

Current wallpaper:
(I don't know the occasion Misono had for taking this picture--I just know that the Misono in my brain wanted an Aiba wallpaper this week.)